Lavender & Lavender Vitality

Calm & Relaxing 
AKA "The Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils"

Promotes a tranquil environment for sleep

Apply to face for healthy looking skin

Distilled from the flowering tops during summer

One of the most versatile and popular essential oils! Clear the air and calm your mind with the light, floral aroma of Lavender essential oil. The mild, soothing scent is perfect for winding down in the evening. Lavender essential oil isn’t just a favorite because of its classic scent—it’s also one of the most versatile, gentle, and popular essential oils. From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse and enhance many areas of your life.

You can find Lavender essential oil in many Young Living blends, including Stress Away™, Tranquil™, RutaVaLa™, Forgiveness™, and Harmony™ as well as several personal care products like our Seedlings line.

A few ways to use Lavender and Lavender Vitality:

  • Enjoy calm feelings and fight occasional nervous tension throughout the day by applying a few drops to your wrists and wearing Lavender as a perfume.
  • Start your day on the right foot and support a worry-free outlook by diffusing Lavender as you get ready for the day.
  • Set the stage for snuggles by diffusing the oil as part of your bedtime routine. 
  • Complement your beauty routine by adding a few drops to lotions, shampoos, and skin care products for cleansing properties and a classic aroma.
  • Boost the appearance of youthful looking skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes by adding a few drops to your moisturizer.
  • Calm your skin with a soothing body scrub using coconut oil, sugar, and Lavender oil.
  • Add it to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply topically to soothe the skin after a day in the sun or outdoors.
  • Unwind in the evening with a calming, Lavender-infused neck or back massage.
  • Use Lavender as part of a bedtime routine by rubbing it on the bottoms of your feet or diffusing it next to your bed.
  • Dip your toes into calming waters; combine 1 cup of Epsom salt with 4 drops of oil in a hot bath. 
  • Freshen your linen closet, mattress, or car by combining Lavender with water in a glass spray bottle and spritzing over surfaces. You can also try adding a few drops directly to your pillows and bedding.
  • Place a few drops of Lavender Vitality your water in the evening to help improve sleep quality for occasional sleeplessness.*
  • Add 2 drops to a vegetarian capsule to take advantage of Lavender Vitality’s cleansing and antioxidant properties.*
  • Use Lavender Vitality as a supplement to ease occasional nervous tension.*
  • Add a few drops of Lavender Vitality to your favorite lemonade for a sophisticated floral twist.


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